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Your personality is the first thing that someone will notice and taking care of it is imperative. We helps you keep all the skin problems at bay and makes sure that you get your skin keeps glowing without any trace.

Pigmentation Treatment

We bring to you the aesthetics of the beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a single unified service under one roof.

Magnificence is not just about looking great, it is additionally about looking sound and spreading that lovely vibe when you meet somebody. There are those circumstances when you feel that your skin has lost that sparkle and the explanations behind that could be numerous. In any case, here are couple of arrangements accessible at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair which guarantee that your skin is dealt with in the most fitting way, microdermabrasion/skin cleaning being one of them. 

Sparkling skin is not just about a physical quality, but rather it is additionally about feeling great from inside. It generally adds a stylish interest to your magnificence. Once in a while, on the off chance that you are not content with your skin, it might influence your fearlessness and demeanor. In any case, this is not any more a reason for stress, on account of the pigmentation medications at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair. A normally sound skin clears path for a solid brilliance and lifts your persona enormously. The skin colour is determined by the use of Melanin, a dark colored shade found in skin, hair and iris (eye). The skin varieties are basically hereditary and exposure to Sunlight. 

The common pigment related concerns are
TAN: This is caused due to increased production of melanin on sun exposure and results in darkening of skin. It is commonly found on the forehead, outer aspect of arms and temples. It can be prevented by protection and avoidance from Sun using protective clothing and sunscreens.
TREATMENT FOR TAN: Tan can be treated effectively using Chemical peels, Light based treatments, Pixel laser treatment and through medications.
MELASMA: These are dark, irregular brown patches which are found commonly on the forehead, nose, upper part of the cheeks, upper lipand nose. This is more common in women especially during pregnancy or in those undergoing hormonal replacement therapy. There are two types of Melasma, Dermal and Epidermal.
TREATMENT FOR MELASMA: Melasma can be treated with glycolic peels and Trichloroacetic acid peels, Light based treatments, Lasers (Pixel, Q S Nd YAG), medications and of course by sunprotection with sunscreens. The response to melasma depends on the duration of its onset, depth of the pigmentation, lifestyle and maintenance etc.
FRECKLES: These are brown to black spots formed on skin due to clusters of concentrated melanin, usually found in fair skinned people. They are caused by sun damage and are usually found on face or areas of skin exposed to Sun such as chest, arms, shoulders.
TREATMENT FOR FRECKLES: Freckles are dealt using Light based treatment such as Super Skin Rejuvenation and Q S Nd YAG Lasers.

This usually occurs after a skin injury or if acne is squeezed or picked. Treatment: It can be treated with medications, sun avoidance, sun protection and preferably Peels. 

The common causes for this condition is dandruff, thyroid problems, cosmetics, familial reasons, Aganthosis nigricans Treatment: The treatment can be done through medication, Peels, Retinoids, AHAs, Kojic acid, Botanicals, Anti-dandruff medications and anti-fungals 

  • Rigorously trained, well-qualified cosmetic dermatologists choose the best dermatological process, treatments, & techniques to treat the concern from inside out.
  • We use advance world class technologies specially chosen and suitable for Indian Skin.
  • Every treatment session is customized to suit your requirements, combining many modalities. Optimal and the best treatment parameters are used each time.
  • Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair believes in stringent and set tested protocols for efficacy and safety. The elaborate pre procedure assessment and an extensive post care checklist assure that we care.
  • Treating Indian skin is a technique which our dermatologists have mastered, ensuring safety with efficacy both.

Who is a Dermatologist?
Dermatologist is the doctor who has been specially trained in the treatment of skin, hair, & nails concern post their initial 5 years of MBBS course. 

Do I need an appointment to see the dermatologist?
Yes, If you have any problem relating to your Skin, Hair or Nails. 

Do the doctors perform the procedures at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair ?
Yes, our highly-experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic dermatologists handle every candidate personally and perform the procedures in assistance from the rigorously trained assisting therapists.

Is it necessary to get dermatological treatments?
Yes, just like other health concerns, dermatology is a health concern and needs to be treated in time. Skin and hair not only have aesthetic appeal but also protect our internal organ from getting harm. Hence, it is essential to take care of the skin and hair you live in.

Are the treatments done at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair safe ?
The strictest and set tested protocols and the stringent guidelines assure to provide the safest and the most effective treatment for every skin and hair concern. Our cosmetic dermatologists have years of expertise and use only the advanced leading technologies and USFDA approved equipments.

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