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Your personality is the first thing that someone will notice and taking care of it is imperative. We helps you keep all the skin problems at bay and makes sure that you get your skin keeps glowing without any trace.

Laser Hair Removal

We bring to you the aesthetics of the beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a single unified service under one roof.

You have hair at undesirable spots and the shame it causes can’t be clarified in words, what do you do about it? In a perfect world, you fall back on waxing, threading, culling, tweezing or use of creams and so on. The uneasiness related with these strategies puts us off and adds to the anxiety. The greater part of you know the appropriate response as whether these techniques are truly successful and an inquiry that waits in the mind continually ‘Is there an any arrangement?’ Well, it is here. Laser Hair Removal remains as a response to every one of these issues. 

In a world that is focused, the way to fearlessness and achievement lies in appearance and claim. These are the two parts for anybody to have any kind of effect. A typical issue experienced by the greater part of us is obvious and undesirable hair and no more sudden spots. For ladies, facial hair spells catastrophe and even men are no special case as they wind up with hair on ear flaps. A hair free skin does marvels to your persona and draws out the genuine you. In this way, before impressions fizzle and before your certainty inflict significant damage, a correct arrangement is basic for undesirable hair and that without a doubt rests with us. 

  • Removal of hair is achievable. According to statistics, about 60%-90% of the problematic and unwanted hair is removed if the course of treatment is followed correctly.
  • Painless with long standing results
  • Procedure is swift and even a large area can be covered in a very short span of time.
  • Far more effective and advantageous than depilatories, electrolysis
  • Precise and targets only the problem area ensuring the surrounding skin is not damaged
  • Reaches any part of the body such as arms & underarms, legs & bikini line, back & shoulders, chest & abdomen No infection or scars

Hair looks good on the head but trouble occurs when it grows at unwanted places. The most affected areas are face, arms, back, legs, under arms, chest, back, and bikini line. Laser Hair Removal is an increasingly popular aesthetic cosmetic procedure that eliminates undesirable hair from face and body forever, leaving behind smooth and silky skin. The below Laser Hair Removal infographics gives an insight on most common areas treated with Laser Hair Removal, Pre and Post Care Tips and lot more . 

  • Permanent removal of unwanted hair
  •  Painless, Quick & Safe
  •  FDA-Cleared Technology
  •  Accurate targeting on any body part

When you look good, you feel good and are more confident and outgoing – this fact is true for both men and women. Unwanted hair can take a major hit at your self-esteem by affecting your appearance. The traditional methods of hair removal like waxing and shaving are temporary and can cause inconvenience. Regular maintenance and upkeep to have smooth, hair-free skin with these traditional methods can be tiring.To know more about the Laser Hair Removal, its benefits, and FAQs watch the below Laser Hair Removal Slideshare. 

Almost everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on their body. Unfortunately, traditional hair removal routines can be tedious, painful, and expensive over time. Shaving may last a day, waxing a couple of weeks, but none of them last forever – and therein lays the true beauty of laser hair removal. Hair removal with laser comes as a much needed relief as it is painfree, fast, simple and effective. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and to the razors, tweezers, and wax with Full Body Laser Hair Removal. 

The actual procedure of laser hair removal starts only after an initial consultation with the cosmetic dermatologist. A detailed discussion between the doctor and the client gives an insight into the procedure, expected results, the number of required sessions, etc. At Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair, we use the latest laser hair removal equipment which are imported from USA and Israel and are USFDA approved for safety and effectiveness. The target area is shaved and the cooling gel is applied prior to treatment. The cosmetic dermatologist at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair ensures that the laser beam is set at the optimal wavelength to give the best results. 

Are there any side effects and how safe is it? This concern crops up in one’s mind when they want to go ahead with laser.l. However, there are virtually no side effects of laser hair removal. The client may or may not see mild transient redness at the treatment area immediately after the procedure. However, this would subside in about half an hour. A list of post care activities is informed to ensure that the results are optimal.
The instructions are:

  • Heat treatments like the sauna, steam room, hot showers & baths, swimming, etc. must be avoided for a day or two.
  • Heavy cosmetics, greasy lotions, deodorants and perfume usage must be avoided for a day maximum.
  • Regular usage of sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours is advised and 20minutes prior stepping outdoors.

15 to 45 days post session, shedding of the hair may happen and this shows up as new hair development. In any case, this is not new hair, but rather dead hair driving out of the follicle. Hair re-development happens at various rates on various ranges of the body. New hair development may not happen for no less than 15 days after treatment. The client is permitted to shave the same number of times as required to keep up smooth skin, however needs to avoid waxing, tweezing, threading and blanching which would meddle with the capacity of the laser. The following session is arranged in 30 to 45 days according to hair regrowth. In 6 to 8 sessions, the hairs totally stop to develop or just fine infant hair is seen. 

  • Rigorously trained, well-qualified cosmetic dermatologists choose the best dermatological process, treatments, & techniques to treat the concern from inside out.
  • We use advance world class technologies specially chosen and suitable for Indian Skin.
  • Every treatment session is customized to suit your requirements, combining many modalities. Optimal and the best treatment parameters are used each time.
  • Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair believes in stringent and set tested protocols for efficacy and safety. The elaborate pre procedure assessment and an extensive post care checklist assure that we care.
  • Treating Indian skin is a technique which our dermatologists have mastered, ensuring safety with efficacy both.

Who is a Dermatologist?
Dermatologist is the doctor who has been specially trained in the treatment of skin, hair, & nails concern post their initial 5 years of MBBS course. 

Do I need an appointment to see the dermatologist?
Yes, If you have any problem relating to your Skin, Hair or Nails. 

Do the doctors perform the procedures at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair ?
Yes, our highly-experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic dermatologists handle every candidate personally and perform the procedures in assistance from the rigorously trained assisting therapists.

Is it necessary to get dermatological treatments?
Yes, just like other health concerns, dermatology is a health concern and needs to be treated in time. Skin and hair not only have aesthetic appeal but also protect our internal organ from getting harm. Hence, it is essential to take care of the skin and hair you live in.

Are the treatments done at Dr. Raj's Centre for Skin and Hair safe ?
The strictest and set tested protocols and the stringent guidelines assure to provide the safest and the most effective treatment for every skin and hair concern. Our cosmetic dermatologists have years of expertise and use only the advanced leading technologies and USFDA approved equipments.

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